posted by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 31st Mar 2009 15:32
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I want to know what you guys consider to be the best KDE distribution. I want an up-to-date, well-implemented KDE 4.2. I'm sick of all those half-assed attempts at a decent KDE desktop these days.

Oh, and please no distributions only used by three men and a cow. And I'm using an NVIDIA card, so it has to have the latest NVIDIA driver, easily installable.

Fire away.
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RE[3]: Mandriva 2009
by lemur2 on Fri 3rd Apr 2009 00:12 UTC
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I downloaded the 2009.1/Spring RC KDE live CD and it didn't boot. NVIDIA logo pops up, and that's it. The machine doesn't crash, but since ctrl+alt+backspace is disabled, I CAN'T KILL X. Grumble. The exact same thing happens on the Fedora 11 beta, just without the NVIDIA logo. Again, since ctrl+alt+backspace is disabled, I CAN'T KILL X. Retarded.

You can actually re-enable the ctrl+alt+backspace if you X is working by ... oh wait.

You are correct. Retarded.

Meanwhile, it appears that Nvidia are still fixing their Linux driver.

"Last night, March 30th, Nvidia announced yet another improved version of their proprietary video driver for the Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris open-source operating systems."

"Nvidia 180.44 display driver for Linux also fixes various issues, such as:

· Repaired KDE 4.x Plasma issues with OpenGL 3.0;
· Repaired various OpenGL issues/crashes;
· Repaired various Xid issues;
· Repaired various X server crashes;
· Repaired the Autodesk Maya issues;
· Repaired H.264 handling in VDPAU;
· Repaired WMV handling in VDPAU;
· Repaired Valgrind crashes;
· Repaired the decoding of VC-1 streams on the 64-bit architecture."

Perhaps this very latest Nvidia driver, version 180.44, is what you might need to run KDE 4.2.x well on Nvidia hardware.

Good luck. Nvidia have been doing a LOT of updates to their Linux driver recently, amounting to about five new releases last month (March 09). Maybe this spate of updates is finally settling down by now.

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