posted by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 31st Mar 2009 15:32
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I want to know what you guys consider to be the best KDE distribution. I want an up-to-date, well-implemented KDE 4.2. I'm sick of all those half-assed attempts at a decent KDE desktop these days.

Oh, and please no distributions only used by three men and a cow. And I'm using an NVIDIA card, so it has to have the latest NVIDIA driver, easily installable.

Fire away.
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RE: I'm going to fry for this but...
by Laurence on Sat 4th Apr 2009 11:17 UTC
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I'm just happy with Kubuntu. I've used it everyday for work and play since November and I see no reason (nor have the time) to change to anything else. Only thing that bugs me about it right now is the lack of any Koffice 2 packages.
Tried OpenSuse though. I guess it's a fine distro but I just cant stand Yast.

Kubuntu seems a little slow to update packages Arch had already mainlined 6 months ago.
But other than that, it's not a bad KDE4 distro.

Agree with Yast though. Horrid program.

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