posted by diegocg on Tue 4th Aug 2009 15:35
Conversations I submitted this yesterday, sadly it wasn't accepted even in page 2 (I find sad that osnews is becoming less tech oriented than it used to be, but...). However I consider it a really important announcement, so I'm sharing it here:

"AlacrityVM is a hypervisor based on the Linux KVM project which aims to serve the High Performance niche of HPC and Real-Time in the Data-Center. It achieves this by utilizing a newly emerging high performance IO fabric (called Virtual-bus) developed specifically to solve the types of bottlenecks that typically keeps virtualization out of consideration in these arenas."
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Looks good!
by hollovoid on Wed 5th Aug 2009 09:36 UTC
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Performance of VM's is the top reason I see alot of people in our own company not considering their use. Instead opting to physically buy hardware to keep responsiveness high. This project could definitely be a boon especially with the economy pinching everybodys budgets down to nothing (production workers where I am are cut to 32 hrs as it is).

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