posted by robojerk on Mon 24th Aug 2009 16:30
Conversations I live in the US and am looking to buy a Nettop PC. Since Nettop PC's are kind of new I thought I should get some feedback.

So far the Acer AspireRevo looks to be a good option. I just wish it were a bit cheaper and had more resellers in the US.
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Maybe I'm too early to the party..
by robojerk on Mon 24th Aug 2009 21:02 UTC
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After doing a little more research, it appears that the ION based Nettops wont be released until mid September or after Win 7 is released.

Other good looking models
Lenovo IdeaCentre Q100 and Q110
ASUS Eee Box EB1012, 202,204 and 206
Asrock Ion 330

That ZaReason Ion Breeze 3770 looks pretty cool. Once again I'm not too excited about the price.

I read that the Lenovo ones will start at $249 and go to $349. For the moment I'm thinking I'll wait till October to make this purchase but if anyone knows of any other nettop devices please feel free to add it.
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