posted by weildish on Fri 6th Nov 2009 00:25
Conversations We have one more secured interview, this time with Timothy Miller, who founded the Open Graphics Project. Again, we'd love it if you would input any questions or even ideas that may lead to questions in the comments below. We'll thoughtfully consider them and be sure to include as many as possible when finally conducting the interview.

Mister Miller made these comments that might bring about some questions we may not have asked otherwise:

Some things that you might want to use for inspiration:

- OGD1 boards are in production right now
- LinuxFund paid for it and used our designs under the terms of the GPL
- We could use a bit of help with the firmware
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Progress report
by Dirge on Sat 7th Nov 2009 09:18 UTC
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Linux Fun has raised money to build an initial ten OGD1's for open source developers. Their fund-raising has exceeded the initial fundraising goal of $5000, and I would like to know if this means additional cards will be produced?

I think it is important these cards get into the hands of active developers. What will happen to a card if its developer withdraws from the project?

What is the target price you would like to sell the consumer version of your card at?

Are there plans to develop a PCI express version of the open graphics card? If so what time frame will this be in?

Can you please give us an estimate of your progress thus far.

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