posted by kragil on Sun 13th Dec 2009 23:31
Conversations Thom has all the rights in the world to be busy with his studies/being sick or whatever, but it makes you wonder ...

If Thom where to jump ship (which gets ever more likely the more time passes) will OSnews be able to survive?

(If Thom were to turn rouge or greedy he could just start his own site and take all the advertisement(which I block with AB+) money for himself and pay for CO2 reduction to save the planet. Wouldn't that be something?)
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by Thom_Holwerda on Mon 14th Dec 2009 13:14 UTC
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The problem with that is twofold.

1) everybody has their own requirements, and we can't follow them all.
2) even if we did, people would find other requirements to still block ads.

Like I said though, I can't really get worked up over it because it's kind of like spam: sure, I can complain about spam all I want, but that won't make it go away. Likewise, I can get all worked up over people using ad block, but that won't cause people to unblock us, now does it?

In the end though, it's really simple: more money equals better articles. I can only do so much - I'd love to travel to events and meet people face-to-face, but that simply isn't possible. We'd also love to do more proper hardware reviews, but without money, that's a no-go too.

We're doing whatever we can within the current boundaries. If I really were to leave (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ANY TIME SOON, SORRY), I'd make sure the team would know it well in advance, and I wouldn't leave anyway until a proper replacement was found.

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