posted by JCooper on Wed 30th Jan 2008 10:25
Conversations I hated, a strong word I know, the "new" v4 layout, colours and design.

This new .1 look is awesome and really brings osnews into 2008.

Thank you for your continued hard work and efforts ;)
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Comment by deathshadow
by deathshadow on Wed 30th Jan 2008 15:28 UTC
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Cleaner, but now even SMALLER text - and WELL below accessability minimums at that, while the inputs are STILL in a dynamic font...

Meaning large font users have a choice, have input text absurdly oversized, or have content text absurdly undersized.


Remember, anything smaller than 12px is almost guaranteed to be USELESS to 'large font/120dpi' users (or 100dpi *nix users), an increasingly common setting with smaller laptops at higher resolutions.

The original theme at least was all dynamic fonts. All these px metric fonts are ****ing stupid. It's not 800 friendly when there is NO content that couldn't at least work in a semi-fluid layout, (and before someone chimes in with "Most people are 1024 or higher" ask what percentage of users actually run their browser full width?)

... and it's still at least three times the markup it should be. 253k main page in 64 files - wow, welcome to 20 seconds overhead on BROADBAND before you even figure in transferring data.

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