posted by JCooper on Wed 30th Jan 2008 10:25
Conversations I hated, a strong word I know, the "new" v4 layout, colours and design.

This new .1 look is awesome and really brings osnews into 2008.

Thank you for your continued hard work and efforts ;)
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RE[2]: Comment by deathshadow
by deathshadow on Thu 31st Jan 2008 13:55 UTC
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aaa ... 99.9%?

Try 1% of mac users since MacOS doesn't have a real 'maximize', 5% of users running resolutions higher than 1280x960, maybe 10% of users at 1280x800 (since increasingly people are setting their taskbar to portrait mode on the left)

There's more out there than 'Joe Windows' running 1024x768 small fonts.

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