posted by JCooper on Sat 2nd Feb 2008 21:45
Conversations Nothing to do with technology (though some of the camera effects are quite nifty, and I wonder if that sat-phone runs linux, nevermind was Penny using iChat to communicate with the underwater station....)

Wow what a season opener - anyone else enjoy it? ;)
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by Adam S on Sun 3rd Feb 2008 19:16 UTC
Adam S
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Conversations do not have to be about technology, that is why they exist. Itr's a place for readers to discuss pretty much anything they want to talk about - except maybe Tubgirl and Lemon Party.

I love Lost, and I really enjoyed the premiere. I can't wait for the Desmond, Penny, Juliet, and Libby flashbacks, if there ever are any(more).

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