posted by JCooper on Sat 2nd Feb 2008 21:45
Conversations Nothing to do with technology (though some of the camera effects are quite nifty, and I wonder if that sat-phone runs linux, nevermind was Penny using iChat to communicate with the underwater station....)

Wow what a season opener - anyone else enjoy it? ;)
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RE: I love LOST
by ntissier on Tue 5th Feb 2008 12:53 UTC
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Hey Guys,

I love this 4th season too ! In France, we can watch Lost's last season through VOD (Video On Demand) for 1€. It's kinda like iTunes Store but on your TV.

Anyways, great show, I'd like to know what happened to Michael and his son Walt, you know, the weird Guy that can kill birds just by Telepathy.


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