posted by Bobthearch on Wed 13th Feb 2008 01:14
Conversations I mentioned this in another topic, but think the problem deserves it's own discussion. Since the new OSNews site launch, I have been unable to vote for comments. It does work occationally, once a day on average, but I cannot find any pattern or cause for the problem.

It appears as if the "+" and "-" buttons aren't working most of the time, or they're simply .gif images. My cursor changes as the mouse scrolls over, but clicking on them does nothing.

I have 19 votes remaining currently, the browser IE6, and I've enabled cookies. If anyone can figure this out...
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RE: Real browser?
by Adam S on Wed 13th Feb 2008 16:33 UTC
Adam S
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I have not tested the site in IE6 and I do not have access to it. No one else has reported this problem. If you want to troubleshoot it, email me personally and we'll look into it.

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