posted by wanker90210 on Tue 29th Jul 2008 23:27
Conversations Lugradio is about to send their latest episode which means the end of my primary source of completely unusable british slang. I'm self employed so I really like the background conversation while programming.

Which tech podcasts would you recommend?
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RE[2]: Depends
by google_ninja on Thu 31st Jul 2008 19:25 UTC
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Well, I'm in on windows at the moment, so my podcasts lean in that direction, but I'll post em anyways.

DotNetRocks - Fantastic podcast, one of the best tech casts out there

Hanselminutes - Scott Hanselman is a really bright guy, and tends to have good guests.

Deep Fried Bytes - New podcast, but already had a few really fantastic episodes. Loved the ones on DDD and being a .net developer working on a mac

RunAs Radio - The only IT cast I listen to, mostly cause I am a fan of Richard Campbell in a general way

Audible AJAX - pretty self explanatory

WebDevRadio - Not my favorite, but not bad

Polymorphic Podcast - centric, and tends to go from fantastic to pretty average based on the guest

General Development
Software Engineering Podcast - Just getting into this one, its not bad though

Thoughtworks - IT Matters - Martin Fowler is on the panel, can't really go wrong with that

Stackoverlow - Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood chatting about dev stuff. 'nuff said

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