Linked by Tony Arcieri on Thu 15th May 2003 00:46 UTC
Internet & Networking When you think of platforms upon which you would deploy a Java Application Server, FreeBSD probably isn't the first one that comes to mind. However, I hope to show in this tutorial how easy it is to deploy Apache Tomcat on a FreeBSD system, complete with a native build of the JDK.
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hacked together clone of UNIX with far too much hype
by Anonymous on Thu 15th May 2003 03:59 UTC

well, i respected your comment till you got to the hacked together part, then i saw the axe you've been grinding hidden behind your back.

i do like freebsd...but "hacked together" sounds like you got a stick in your craw.

there ARE advantages to running linux in some cases.

just like there are advantages to running windows or mac.

maybe just not in the sphere of things YOU do.