Linked by Tony Arcieri on Thu 15th May 2003 00:46 UTC
Internet & Networking When you think of platforms upon which you would deploy a Java Application Server, FreeBSD probably isn't the first one that comes to mind. However, I hope to show in this tutorial how easy it is to deploy Apache Tomcat on a FreeBSD system, complete with a native build of the JDK.
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re: bsdrocks
by bsdrocks on Thu 15th May 2003 09:15 UTC

Are you sure? 3D preformance is really BAD on FreeBSD.

False, Nvidia driver runs faster on FreeBSD than on RedHat, which my machine is only 450Mhz and other machine is 1.4Mhz. I tested it on the glxgears. Even, the tuxracer runs a lot smoother on 450Mhz (FreeBSD) and not on 1.4Mhz (RedHat8).

If there is OpenBSD why the hell do you need FreeBSD?

Uh, what's your point anyway? I have lost the count of Linux distros out there. If there is Microsoft Linux why the hell do you need Linux?

OpenBSD has everything FreeBSD lacks and more.

Like what? I only see thing is PF. FreeBSD 5.x already has a lot of better stuff. All three BSDs are sharing the code most of time, anyway.

Linux is catching up very quickly i guess there is no reason, concernig stability and/or preformance to choose FreeBSD.

So, you mean Linux is <u>still</u> catch<u>ing</u> up very quickly and FreeBSD is still ahead?

Depends on what you need to do, with how much support and how much time in wich envoirment.

Time? FreeBSD saves a lot of time, it's a lot easier to admin than Linux does.

Anyway, it's getting way off topic and let this end. If you want to discuss more, post in the 'OS war' forum.