Linked by Tony Arcieri on Thu 15th May 2003 00:46 UTC
Internet & Networking When you think of platforms upon which you would deploy a Java Application Server, FreeBSD probably isn't the first one that comes to mind. However, I hope to show in this tutorial how easy it is to deploy Apache Tomcat on a FreeBSD system, complete with a native build of the JDK.
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by Peter Schultz on Thu 15th May 2003 13:30 UTC

I have been hammering on both FreeBSD (for several years) and Gentoo Linux (for around a year).

There's a reason I'm running FreeBSD 5.1-BETA right now, it is because I find it faster and more stable. Sometimes linux just bogs down with it's pathetic scheduler it just does not offer as smooth a user experience. I'm even running a SCHED_ULE kernel, while it's not BeOS, it does a pretty fine job for costing me no money.

Also, since I try to stay on the very bleeding edge of each, it is MUCH easier to keep track of the progress of FreeBSD. Although FreeBSD 5 can become completely unusable during periods of major changes, the FreeBSD system allows me to know *exactly* what is going on and who is making what changes.

With Gentoo, at least, you've got these guys with some random script kiddy username making god only knows what kind of stupid commits to the sources.