Linked by Tony Arcieri on Thu 15th May 2003 00:46 UTC
Internet & Networking When you think of platforms upon which you would deploy a Java Application Server, FreeBSD probably isn't the first one that comes to mind. However, I hope to show in this tutorial how easy it is to deploy Apache Tomcat on a FreeBSD system, complete with a native build of the JDK.
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Linux vs. FreeBSD vs. Linux
by DoctorPepper on Thu 15th May 2003 17:07 UTC

I don't know where you folks get your information on Linux vs. FreeBSD from, but I use both, along with Mac OS X. I find both FreeBSD and Linux to be quite capable, stable AND mature.

I do find FreeBSD to be easier to administer, mainly because it is a much simpler system.

I had been debating on replacing Linux on my server with FreeBSD, but after working with Debian for a couple of months, have decided to switch to that instead. I had been running Mandrake Linux 7.2, and with building a new server, had decided to use a more "updatable" OS. I love FreeBSD for it's ports collection and buildworld capability, but you just can't beat Debian's "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" :-)

This doesn't mean I will stop using FreeBSD, or that I will start bad-mouthing it, I still find FreeBSD to be an exceptional OS. Very robust, stable, mature and FAST.

Moral of this story: You don't have to pick just one OS to use. That's one of the beauties of Open Source software. Why not use the right tool for the job, and let religion stay in the church, where it belongs.