Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 19th May 2003 17:32 UTC
Morphos Genesi was very kind to send us in a fully featured Pegasos-based computer with MorphOS and Debian pre-installed. Here is our review with a number of screenshots of the supported OSes. Update: That machine has now being donated to the Computer History Museum in the Bay Area.
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by oGALAXYo on Mon 19th May 2003 09:11 UTC

While reading the review I hit the part about memory protection. It wasn't really clear but I had the impression that you were refering to old AmigaOS applications crashing. This is indeed the case because you can't memory protect old AmigaOS applications which run in the A-Box modus. Many old applications (including normal System apps) from time to time make direct hardwarecalls e.g. banging the hardware or do some nasty stuff by directly accessing the memory instead allocating and freeing it. This it leads to the conclusion to cause crashes. New specially MorphOS API supporting applications should not have this issues (theoretically).

Regarding the Mime handling this is not true for the old AmigaOS (and MorphOS wants to be equally so I assume it to understand that too) .. well the old AmigaOS deals with mimes perfectly and I tend to say that the old AmigaOS was one of the first Operating Systems around that deals with Mimes. E.g. when clicking on a html file that it opens the file in a html browser, or when clicking on a bmp, iff, jpeg etc. that it opens it in their desired viewers. Same for AmigaGuide and other stuff.

I am a bit rusty what Amiga depends because I left the plattform around 1996 but most of the MIME stuff is dealt in ENV: or ENVARC: dir and you need apply a suitable icon to your app.

The mixture of GadTools and MUI is indeed outdated and a big point that I would cirticise too because it doesn't fit into nowadays needs anymore and doesn't look quite coherent and professional. This indeed requires a lot of work simply immitating an OS that hasn't been updated for nearly 10 years isn't any serious improvement. AOS3.5 and 3.9 are only simple hacks and no real solutions, only made in a hurry to satisfy the needs of their customers, partially filled with Aminet stuff which could have been leeched there for free.

I think that the whole concepts of GadTools and MUI needs to be rethought and improved drastically e.g. coherent Toolbars, Coherent UI's, Coherent Menus etc. I know that going new ways may break the philosophy of the Amiga look&feel but after 10 years this is really required to get people back to that system.

Well I could write more but I think that Eugenia pretty much described the same for that point.

But all in all the MorphOS team did a quite cool job with that project and created a good foundation to work on and I'm quite sure that on the long term they present a pretty usable and good system.

By the way there are a lot of MorphOS ports done from older known Amiga programs and new games you may like to read more on about their announcements or throw an eye on aminet or related pages.