Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 19th May 2003 17:32 UTC
Morphos Genesi was very kind to send us in a fully featured Pegasos-based computer with MorphOS and Debian pre-installed. Here is our review with a number of screenshots of the supported OSes. Update: That machine has now being donated to the Computer History Museum in the Bay Area.
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by frank on Mon 19th May 2003 14:48 UTC

So, does it mean : its not legally to run OSX on a PegasosPPC ?
Again, had recieved a testbox with a pre-installed Debian GNU/Linux in addition an pre-installed MOL and OSX ?
If not, I'm interessted to hear something about the install process from

Did you know, that the Gartner estimate a marketshare for Linux on the desktop something above 5 % ?
Apple holds just something above 3%.
It depends to the study you choose. google is a searchengine....

So, away from MS people had made their choice.
To take your word, MorphOS is much more far away from the Desktop as Linux today is.

Take Linux as a chance for the pegasos, and I knew that Genesi will do that ;-)
And thats great !

But, please, let it be to publish statements like : linux is not ready for the Desktop or"Prime Time". You should know it better if you use YDL (especially 3.0), Mandrake 9.1PPC Edition, SuSE Linux 7.3 PPC Edition, Gentoo, Debian.
The other way round would be : MorphOS is not ready for the use of a keyboard... MorphOS is an OS without an Networkstack for the internet. Its a connectionloss maschine.

Linux is on the Destop. Linux is growing on the desktop. Linux (ask SuSE Linux AG for the study) holds more marketshare on the Desktop as Apple does today.
Linux can be used as a (SuSE 8.2 comes, for example, with MainActor, this something that compete with Apples iMovie), a.s.o.

So, don't replay this old MS - Song : Even Linux is not really ready for "Prime Time" . It is.