Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 19th May 2003 17:32 UTC
Morphos Genesi was very kind to send us in a fully featured Pegasos-based computer with MorphOS and Debian pre-installed. Here is our review with a number of screenshots of the supported OSes. Update: That machine has now being donated to the Computer History Museum in the Bay Area.
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SuperBundle for MorphOS
by Anton Reinauer on Tue 20th May 2003 03:38 UTC

Ok, as several people have pointed out, MorphOS on the Pegasos1, is really for developers, and die-hard Amiga users. We have the knowledge to set it up and have it running well, so it's as usable as Linux and XP (well, near enough ;) .

We'll be installing apps that we know are system friendly- my hit-to-miss ratio on apps is very high here!

Now, as Eugenia and others have pointed out, this is rather useless for mainstream users! So what Genesi is working on for the Pegasos2 release, (and for Peg1 users), is a CD SuperBundle full of 3rd-party apps with installers, that we know work well. And as well as shareware/freeware, there'll be full and cut-down commercial applications, like Image Processors etc!

And to the non-consistant GUIs, the problem here, is the older apps- all MUI apps look very consistent, and the GUI for customising them is identical (and very flexible as well). MUI apps all use the same default GUI setup, which can then be customised fully for each app. IMO MUI apps have a far more consistant GUI than Windows apps.

It would be nice if all apps were MUI, but that's just not possible at this stage- it's something that we are working towards.

And for the record- MOS is very responsive- IMO, the only other OS that matches it is QNX!