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Morphos Genesi was very kind to send us in a fully featured Pegasos-based computer with MorphOS and Debian pre-installed. Here is our review with a number of screenshots of the supported OSes. Update: That machine has now being donated to the Computer History Museum in the Bay Area.
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>Here in Germany the conditions of producers,
>called "Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen" (AGB) cannot
>overrule the law.

Well the only problem here is, that this has nothing todo
with AGB. In fact it is a valid contract. But only if you
agree to this contract. And if there is only the
possibility to use the software you have bought legally
from your dealer (buying it via internet from Apple might
be different!) if you agree to licence contract by pressing
one button and no other possibility to sue the software
then the pressing of the button "I agree" does not
automatically mean that you have actually agreed to the
contract in legal terms.


Hmm, it can well be that some provisions of a contract are void according to the local law. For example, the clause of MS Windows EULA that prohibits reinstalling preinstalled OS on another computer is void here in Russia. It all depends though of what the actual EULA says about such cases, that is, whether contradiction of some requirements of the contract to the local law means you can't make such a contract at all (but this can contradict to the law, too ;) .