Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 19th May 2003 17:32 UTC
Morphos Genesi was very kind to send us in a fully featured Pegasos-based computer with MorphOS and Debian pre-installed. Here is our review with a number of screenshots of the supported OSes. Update: That machine has now being donated to the Computer History Museum in the Bay Area.
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RE: MorphOS is Actually a Special Case
by Daniel Miller on Tue 20th May 2003 23:40 UTC

@wibble (75)

> As somebody already pointed out... UM... Classic MacOS!!!

Yeah, I looked up a Mac history page to see about how much they relied on emulation and it turned out quite a bit, and it worked really well. They did make the transition to PPC by running an emulation box and MorphOS does the same. Weren't there some differences though, like the rewriting of the function calls and libraries?

The biggest difference I was thinking of really, but didn't say, was the evolutionary development of what became MorphOS. The people behind it first wrote the code to drive the PPC-accelerators for classic Amiga (did 68K Mac have PPC-accelerator cards?), and then they made the transition completely. So it is a bit like the proposition where you change out all the parts in a car in stages. In the end is it still the same car...