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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y In what is being called "one of the largest desktop migrations to Linux ever seen", Microsoft seems to have lost a major account worth "tens of millions of euros" when the city of Munich said on Wednesday it would switch 14,000 computers from Microsoft's Windows operating system to Linux.
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this is great
by SteveB on Wed 28th May 2003 19:53 UTC

the great thing about this is, that they choosed linux and open office not because it is cheeper or some other reasons like this. no! they choosed it because they think that this is the right strategic and longterm solution for them.

and microsoft was able to give them up to 90% of reduction on all the microsoft software and munich still did not choose microsoft.

and another good think i like about their apporoach: while ibm and suse have submitted their offer/proposal for the move of those 14'000 computers, they both are not 100% sure on board for the realisation. the city is still looking who will get the real deal. this is great. because it shows, that after you choose to use gnu, you can try to get the best offer available and you are not forced to use only one (as it would be when you chosse ms technologie).

and another good thing i like: they are not moving just right now and everything. they plan very carefull and the complete migration will go over a period of 4 years in total. this just shows how carefull and well prepared they are.

this is a very good strategic and economic move for the city!

the total project budged is about 30'000'000 euro. while this is not a big deal for microsoft... it shows that they are loosing ground. it is not their end, but they have since long time ignored the thread they had with linux. and now this "playing blind" strategy does not pay off for them.
i personaly think that alot of mistakes for that can be searched at mircrosoft directly. and of course linux is getting better and better. (i use it for my company on all the servers and our secretary is working with it since about 6 months without any problem).

another good thing about the deal in munich is: it shows that it was not the "free" availability of gnu/linux wich lead to the desicion. it was the long-term strategic bonus linux has. and i think this is again a problem microsoft has with their products! while microsoft has good product, they mostly are declared as not so secure and not open to any standard at all.
i know that linux is not rock-secure and the most secure os in the world and linux has problems as well. but the community of computer-users declare microsoft as expensive and unsecure. and microsoft has a long long way to get that rumor out of the world. the problem is that they can make their product very secure, but users are not forgetting. they need years to get trust back in somethin they lost the trust.
linux on the other hand has the rumor to be difficult to set up and you have to be a computer genius to get it runing.
while linux is getting better and better in that... it has still the rumor to be difficult. and compared to such click and run software on windows, it is true that linux is diffrend and not so easy. (don't start to tell me the opposite! i know linux since 1994 and i know that linux has come a long way. but still it has his root in a diffend world then windows and it is diffrend! if you are a windows user, then linux is just very difficult to you. if you are a linux user, then windows is easy, but unflexible and a black box. but a linux user can much easyser handle a windows box then a windows user a linux box).

anyway... i am happy that linux gets more and more users.