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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y In what is being called "one of the largest desktop migrations to Linux ever seen", Microsoft seems to have lost a major account worth "tens of millions of euros" when the city of Munich said on Wednesday it would switch 14,000 computers from Microsoft's Windows operating system to Linux.
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RE: Re: Go Munich
by SteveB on Wed 28th May 2003 21:02 UTC

Bush for sure has the most muscular foreign policy I've ever seen, but even before Bush, the german people have had a not small consideration for SUSE. SUSE is a german company, don't forget. And there are many governments that are considering linux, from India to Latin America to Africa and Europe. The biggest problem is that MS is determined and aggresive. They have enough money to woe/bribe governments and politicians (Check out the Uganda Story), and they don't mind loosing money in the short run, because they know that they will more than recoup their looses, in the long run, wherever windows becomes a standard.

let me just quote some elements of the suse press anouncement:
The city clearly sees Linux not just as cost savings over costly, proprietary software, but also as the best tool for the job -- bringing security, stability, flexibility and privacy, not available to them before.

And worldwide, more than 75 IBM government customers - including agencies in France, Spain, UK, Australia, Mexico, the United States and Japan - have now embraced open computing and Linux to save costs, consolidate workloads, increase efficiency and enact e-government transformation. With Munich's decision, one thing is clear - it's open season for open computing. Linux represents freedom and flexibility. This is essential in e-government - they need more flexibility to serve their constituencies better and faster, and freedom of choice to do it at less cost to the public.

and when you read the german stuff on, then you will see, that they choosed linux becouse of the long term strategic bonus points linux has, compared to windows.

microsoft was indeed cheeper, but microsoft customers are learning quickly. microsoft may be cheep at the beginning, but it gets expensive and very shaking (they change to much each time they release something and they started to change their price politics to often).

linux is not the solution for all the problems, but at least you are not FORCED to move every year to new stuff and pay and pay and pay and pay.