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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y In what is being called "one of the largest desktop migrations to Linux ever seen", Microsoft seems to have lost a major account worth "tens of millions of euros" when the city of Munich said on Wednesday it would switch 14,000 computers from Microsoft's Windows operating system to Linux.
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by CooCooCaChoo on Thu 29th May 2003 10:30 UTC

RE: smurf975 (IP:

What apple needs to do is start proving a "business package". If they bundled the mid-range eMac with Microsoft Office + 4D Relational Database + MYOB (pay MYOB to port it to MacOS X), I think they would turn ALOT of heads in the business market. A great Office Suite, enterprise class database and a top of the line accounting tool all bundled into a system for slightly under a grand. Thats a pretty good deal if you ask me.

RE: SteveB (IP:

And what is worst, once you've moved to Windows, it is VERY hard to move off it, especially with all the proprietary extensions. If it were a UNIX to Apple transition, no problems. Creating a hentrogeneous environment would be easy, however, with Windows, thats an entirely different story, it is either you go fully with Windows or put up with the idiocycracys of "interoperability" with Windows.