Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 16th Jun 2003 00:06 UTC
Linux Here is a review with screenshots of the i686-optimized Red Hat-based JAMD Linux 0.0.6, and a review of the mainland European language-focused Aurox Linux 9 while Rock Linux released version 2.0.0-b4.
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Jamd simply rocks!
by Paul on Mon 16th Jun 2003 15:12 UTC

This is one of the best distro's out there. I know as I have tried many.

It is rock solid! It is faster then the workstation install of RH9.

I have installed it on a junk box (my computer)400 clairion & 64 meg mem, my wifes HP xp2100 & 1 gig mem, and a old Compac 400 intel with 128 meg mem.

It is easier to set up then most distros. Fully RH 9 complient so loading GCC3 is not a problem.

It has become my distribution of choice.

Just my $.02!