Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 16th Jun 2003 00:06 UTC
Linux Here is a review with screenshots of the i686-optimized Red Hat-based JAMD Linux 0.0.6, and a review of the mainland European language-focused Aurox Linux 9 while Rock Linux released version 2.0.0-b4.
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ROCK Linux
by René Rebe on Mon 16th Jun 2003 16:39 UTC

For those who do not know: ROCK Linux is a distribution build kit. Aside from the included generic, desktop, minimal, router (in some days realtime and live) target, you can create you own, too. This ranges from custom package selection to modifiying every package in whatever way you want!

We support most architectures Linux runs on (x86, Alpha, SPARC, PPC, MIPS, .x86_64, ia64) and of course you can optimize for every processor GCC has support for.