Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 16th Jun 2003 00:06 UTC
Linux Here is a review with screenshots of the i686-optimized Red Hat-based JAMD Linux 0.0.6, and a review of the mainland European language-focused Aurox Linux 9 while Rock Linux released version 2.0.0-b4.
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only ROCK rocks!
by Alejandro on Mon 16th Jun 2003 17:23 UTC

As far as i have seen, rocklinux is the only kit which allows you to build a really tuned linux from another box (even cross platform), just how you like it, burn it on a cd and then install this personal flavor of linux easily in as many machines as you need. Then, thanks to targets, you can build that personal flavor of linux to a totally different architecture almost without effort. with ROCK you have the control, you are in charge.
currently it includes more than 800 great packages you can include in your linux.
really... ROCK is amazing. ROCK rocks!!

if you like to know your machines... if you like to keep them really updated... you have to use ROCKlinux.