Linked by Jay Sabol on Sun 22nd Jun 2003 15:02 UTC
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Heat issues
by Chris R. on Sun 22nd Jun 2003 18:08 UTC

Can anyone here, especially the people suggesting AMD over Intel for CPU solutions, comment about the heat issues that i've heard about (and experienced!) Athlon CPUs? I've been using AMD for a couple of systems now, and while the price-to-performance ratio is nice, i've noticed that the damned things sure tend to run hot, with all the attendant issues that come with that.

Also, on a slightly-related note, given than i'm going to be doing this exact thing in a year or so, what manufacturers/chipsets should i look into for dual-cpu motherboards? Either intel or amd will be worth looking at, though i intent at the moment to migrate back to an Intel solution. I'm asking for current info because, unlike some here, i don't think that bleeding-edge on the motherboard is a good idea - most of the problems i've had with systems i've built and/or troubleshot could have been traced back to crappy mobo implementation...

If anyone *does* decide to answer, i'm largely interested in a system that supports RAID (not sure what the level would be - the one that does redundant writes for data integrity) on board, and preferably w/ SATA just cos i like the cables SO much better. Tips would be great sooner, so that i can keep an eye on the reliability of the parts over the next year.

Danke ;)