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I built my last PC. I tried to save some money by re-using components from my existing PC. When I fired up my new PC, I had no video. Long story short, my old video card fried my brand new Athalon XP 2000+ processor. I returned to the store and luckily was able to return the processor.

So finally a week later I was up and running!

After installing the new processor, I booted up, and installed the OS. After the OS was installed, I tried to restart the machine again, but this time it would not start up. Turns where the fan and the processor touched did not line up correctly, so the processor overheated. Sweet. I sent had to send the processor back to AMD, and thankfully they exchanged it in return.

Overall, I really like the new PC. The only thing I would do differently is get a quiet PC case. With the fans running, I can hear this thing going two rooms down the hall! If you are interested, this is one case that has excellent reviews for being QUIET!

Also, I recently got hooked on Linux. If you haven't tried any Linux distributions, I recommend Mandrake 9.1 100% after trying out the last few Red Hat distros.

Good Luck! :-)