Linked by Jay Sabol on Sun 22nd Jun 2003 15:02 UTC
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I disiagree on AMD but see your point
by epseps on Sun 22nd Jun 2003 23:15 UTC

"Avoid AMD like the plague. Unsable, cheap, unreliable. There's a reason why most businesses won't use them =]"

They run hot and the machines need more maintenence and cleaning than do Pentiums...But cost to performance ratio is good and anyone building their own PC is not going to be adverse to swapping a heatsink or adding a fan.

Where I work I'd like to get them away from P IV's even. I'd go with VIA mini-itx with a good 15" LCD and save on power costs, maintenece, lifting strain etc. Plus no cards to screw around with. Since everyone does work that does not require a big CPU, they'd be perfect.

For the folks happily running low end equiment I say keep at it..Run those things until they drop. Less than 1 year ago my "top end" machine was an AMD k6 350 and my low end machine was a P166. I built the AMD almost 4 years ago for $400 and I built the p166 2 years ago for $25 (price of a socket 7 mobo) because all the other hardware was deemed obsolete. I still have an emergency monitor in the closet that I found in the trash (Viewsonic 4e 800X600). So if any of you have friends who always buy the latest and greatest, you can get their old equipment for cheap or for free and really save cash.