Linked by Jay Sabol on Sun 22nd Jun 2003 15:02 UTC
Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs Many of us have done it. What does it take to do it?
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Just the crumbs.
by BR on Mon 23rd Jun 2003 07:13 UTC

Gee! What could possibley add? ;) One think to keep in mind with some OEM/Retail parts. There can be differences between the two. i.e Sound card ports. A little research will protect you from such gotchas. Also save your old stuff (unless it's too old). Combine those with a home network, and you may not need such a powerhouse machine. Also for the poweruser, dual-procs could be a better investment. They don't even need to be the latest and greatest (Dual celerons). Right now is proably the best time to build one, because one can easily get a computer that fits a given niche.