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Choose the case carefully
by roger on Mon 23rd Jun 2003 12:30 UTC

To answer the question why would you want to build your own PC the response is because you can build it to suite your needs, ensure that it is built with top of the line quality parts, and you donít have to worry about proprietary parts. As an example I'm not a gamer so I'm not into the latest and greatest video cards, for my needs matrox is the best card on the market, but I prefer SCSI to ATA for all drives so I spend the extra money on those items. True you can buy a system off the shelf which cost less but you must ask the question why does it cost less two obvious reasons are the pc builders buy in bulk and second to help keep the price down many of them do not use top of the line parts.
The list of components in your case is easy to assemble based upon your needs but two important items overlooked by many people building a PC are the case and power supply. I have seen people spend weeks on finding the right video or sound card then spend less than ten minutes selecting a case. Contrary to belief all cases are not equal. The first thing I look for in a case is good air flow, believe it or not this alone eliminates many of the cases on the market, next look at the hard drive bays to see if they are easily accessible and if there are multiple bays in case you later decide to add an addition hard drive, the ability to expand is always desired in a case.
The power supply that comes with the case is usually small and not intended to handle a lot of extra drives and other devices so again look at your requirements and replace the power supply with a quality brand.

Good Luck