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build your own mac link
by Hayabusa on Mon 23rd Jun 2003 21:09 UTC

here's the link to a page describing how you can build your own macintosh

Never done it myself, but it will be my next project.

I've built my own x86 systems for years. my recommendations are.

1.)combos. motherboard and CPU. You can usually get a good deal on a motherboard and CPU bundled together as opposed to buying each seperatly. For Instance I got a k7s5a motherboard with an Athlon XP 1800 cpu as a combo.

Powersupply/case combos are good as well, many sites that sell cases let you choose amongst several different power supply models, and they'll mount it for ou, which saves a lot of headache.

2>) It's been ebaten to death in this thread, btu don't go for top of the line. Don;t go bottom of the barrel either. Look at each component on a site like pricewatch and choose the best component you can afford with your budget. You'll see the trend of how and where prices start to spike, buy accordingly.

3.) Onboard isn;t always a bad thing. For instance my motherboard has onboard NIC and sound. The sound quality is fine for what I use my computer for, and I've had no probablems at all with the onboard nic, which elaves two free PCI slots that would have otehrwise been taken up by seperate NCI and sound cards.

4.)Don't fear refurbished merchanside either. I got a great deal (an warranty) on a refurbished 21 inch monitor (cost me 250 after shipping)

5.) do the research. If you're going to run windows you can ignore this step. If you plan on tunning anything else, you'll want to make sure the hardware you're buying is WELL supported by the OS you plan to use.