Linked by David Adams on Mon 23rd Jun 2003 23:03 UTC, submitted by Bascule
Mac OS X Apple has published details of new Panther features on their web site. Read more for the highlights:
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This was an interesting quote...
by Bascule on Mon 23rd Jun 2003 23:25 UTC

Panther will include a final X11 client for Unix-based applications, improved NFS/UFS, FreeBSD 5 innovations as well as support for popular Linux APIs, IPv6 and other important acronyms.

There's the answer for everyone wondering if X11 will be bundled with Panther. They do, of course, mean X11 server, but that's just a small semantic issue...

I'm curious what "FreeBSD 5 innovations" might be included in Panther. My guess (and hope) would be UFS2 + Soft Updates as not many other technologies would port easily to XNU, whereas since FreeBSD and XNU use the same VFS porting a filesystem from one to the other is trivial.

I certainly get a kick out of "other important acronyms" as well...