Linked by David Adams on Mon 23rd Jun 2003 23:03 UTC, submitted by Bascule
Mac OS X Apple has published details of new Panther features on their web site. Read more for the highlights:
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New Dev Tools!
by Paul Sexton on Mon 23rd Jun 2003 23:42 UTC

They're also including (so they're kind of part of Panther) a new Dev Tools suite. Most of the changes seem to address performance.

On 10.2, debugging is so slow as to be just about unusable (with a binary in the 2MB or so range.) CodeWarrior is a little better, but the extra 20 seconds it takes debugging to start up and the 0.5-1 second pause when stepping through code is maddening. Our project is Carbon, and is largely done on OS 9 for that reason, limited to testing and minimal fixes on OS X . I can reboot 9 many times per day and still save time, plus I get the time in larger chunks that I can use for other things.

They're also promising Edit & Continue (a la Visual C++ 6.0): hopefully it's better than Microsoft's, where it sounds good in the ads but almost never works (YMMV!)

I actually prefer OS X now; I'd love to be able to use it at work. I'd even raise the subject of an X-only release, if I thought it was possible to make one....

If this does what they say, they'll tick off Metrowerks as bad as they did Microsoft with Safari.