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Mac OS X Apple has published details of new Panther features on their web site. Read more for the highlights:
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Re: Anonymous
by Bascule on Mon 23rd Jun 2003 23:55 UTC

But the Finder has that really, really fast search feature. (beos like). I wonder how they are doing it. Just letting cron run updatedb wouldn't work, because you couldn't find a file you created 3 minutes ago. So I guess that they would have to have a new filesystem. Is UFS2 capable of this sort of thing? Is UFS2 capable of this sort of thing?

For a block allocation filesystem, UFS2 is quite fast as it uses hash tables to optimize storage/retrieval of directory contents.

However one other thought that comes to mind is perhaps they ported kqueues from FreeBSD and are using them to monitor the filesystem for changes. Not only would this eliminate my single biggest gripe about the Finder currently (which is that it often fails to notice when files are added/removed to the desktop or folders that are currently displayed) but it would also allow it to maintain an easily searched index of files which is updated immediately whenever any alterations occur to the filesystem.

I'm glad Apple finally rewrote the Finder. One would guess that it's now a Cocoa application, which will allow for Cocoa-specific add-ins to work, such as CocoaGestures: