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Mac OS X Apple has published details of new Panther features on their web site. Read more for the highlights:
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Re: FreeBSD (search speed)
by Prognathous on Tue 24th Jun 2003 00:19 UTC

>But the Finder has that really, really fast search feature.
>(beos like). I wonder how they are doing it. Just letting cron
>run updatedb wouldn't work, because you couldn't find a file
>you created 3 minutes ago. So I guess that they would have to
>have a new filesystem. Is UFS2 capable of this sort of thing?

It doesn't necessarily require an updated file system. Ava Find for Win32 does the same (keystroke updated search) with FAT32. It only takes a fraction of a second to search 50GB of data. You can get a time limited version at