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Mac OS X Apple has published details of new Panther features on their web site. Read more for the highlights:
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kqueue/kevent() in Panther
by sjk on Thu 26th Jun 2003 01:16 UTC

But regardless, if the Finder is rewritten with kqueue support it can finally surpass other file managers which also perform live filesystem event monitoring like BeOS's Tracker (and to a lesser extent, some of the FAM-enabled Linux file managers such as Nautilus)

This is very exciting news indeed.

I've been wondering how Panther "Fast Find" is implemented and this certainly seems the most likely possibility. A kqueue/kevent() man page for FreeBSD (from 2000) mentions this bug:

It is currently not possible to watch a vnode that resides on anything but a UFS file system.

Perhaps something Dominic Giampaolo has been working on is getting that working with HFS+?

Interesting stuff!

PS - First post here so please excuse any formatting botch.