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Original OSNews Interviews Matt Dillon, not the famous actor but the kernel/VM FreeBSD hacker also well known for writting the Dice C compiler for the Amiga, is here with us today for an in-depth interview about everything regarding FreeBSD 5.0. This is the OS that all the techie people are waiting for and presenting it as the most advanced, technically-speaking, free OS of today. Additionally, we also include two mini interviews with Theo de Raadt, the OpenBSD founder, and Jun-ichiro "itojun" Hagino from the NetBSD Core Team.
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by David on Tue 9th Oct 2001 08:54 UTC

I like the greater BSD emphasis on trying to find a good design. A classic case in point would be the rc system. NetBSD migrated from the old 4.4BSD rc+netstart+rc.local to a single directory rc.d in which the scripts contain tags that determine the other scripts on which they depend. No mess of symlinks, and sane use of shell functions so it is easily parsable by humans. On other systems I have fought through too many insane twisty little passages of massive rc.d files, all alike, and all calling at least five of their friends to do anything. Don't even start me on configuration details scattered all over the place, some in this file, some in that directory, some stuffed behind the sofa... and the old favourite "Now S99foo needs to start before S99bar, but they both need to start before S98zonk and buddies" I believe FreeBSD has pulled across the rc.d changes into a branch, I'm looking forward to my FreeBSD boxes catching up with the NetBSD ones ;)