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Apple Are you a long time Windows user curious about the Apple Switch campaign? Are you wondering if you should try it? Read below for my experience with the whole thing... twice. Just over a week ago I purchased a new 12" Apple PowerBook G4...
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Re: Hmmm
by bytes256 on Wed 2nd Jul 2003 19:18 UTC

I have to agree with you from my (admittedly minimal) experience with Macs.

Also, plug and play issues on Windows are a huge myth. I think those go back to the Win 9x days. First of all, a considerable amount of hardware is supported out of the box on Windows XP. I'll admit Windows 2000 has about as much builtin hardware support as DOS.

Even for hardware that doesn't have drivers built into XP, it is trivial to install the drivers off of the disk that comes with it. Or even download of the Internet.

Name one piece of hardware that's CONSIDERABLY easier to install on a Mac than on Windows?

My roommate in college had a Mac, and I have to say that Mac OS X is probably the most brittle, crashiest *NIX I've ever seen. I can recall several instances where I had to go to drop to the command line for him, just to delete some files off his desktop. The GUI wouldn't let him.

There were also several times where it would just automatically reboot on him, lockup completely, or just become unusably slow, requiring a manual reboot.

From what I've experienced, I would have to say OS X is about on a par with Windows XP for stability, useability, and plug and play.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.