Linked by Stuart MacKenzie on Wed 2nd Jul 2003 18:31 UTC
Apple Are you a long time Windows user curious about the Apple Switch campaign? Are you wondering if you should try it? Read below for my experience with the whole thing... twice. Just over a week ago I purchased a new 12" Apple PowerBook G4...
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user experience
by TLy on Wed 2nd Jul 2003 19:46 UTC

Everyone will have different and varying experiences. If the author of the article had listen to what people say for or against Macs, he'd still be clueless as to whether or not it's worth trying out, because every platform has it's goods and bads.

As with any platform, your luck may vary, and people will have different experiences they'll want to share. My first experience with a modern Mac was horrible. Granted I was using OSX 10.1 at the time. But when 10.2 came around, it was a significant improvement, enough to make me switch completely and it's now my main system at home.

Unfortunately the only way to really know if you'll like Macs or not, is to actually buy one and use it for an extended period of time. I'm talking much longer than just a test drive at the store. The pitfall with this approach is that these machines are expensive, and if you run into bad luck and have a bad experience with it, sure you'll feel like it was a bad investment. With PCs though, I never feel bad if a system turns out to be bad because I can always scrap the parts as backup or replacements for other systems, and some cases build a whole new system with some of the previous parts. The same can't be done on the Mac. You really rely on warrenty and supoprt. My iMac and iBook are the only systems I've ever purchased extended warrenty for.