Linked by Stuart MacKenzie on Wed 2nd Jul 2003 18:31 UTC
Apple Are you a long time Windows user curious about the Apple Switch campaign? Are you wondering if you should try it? Read below for my experience with the whole thing... twice. Just over a week ago I purchased a new 12" Apple PowerBook G4...
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This quote always amazes me...
by PostScript on Wed 2nd Jul 2003 20:09 UTC

>> I immediately navigated my web browser to and was in for another huge surprise. Apple had recently released a new operating system called Mac OS X based on one of my favorite OSs, FreeBSD. I couldn't believe it.

I have seen this quote in various incarnations from many writers when they talk about Macs, and it never ceases to amaze me that OSX just "snuck up on them". Where were you for all the PR, news articles, columns, and hype?? I have never owned a Mac in my life, nor has any of my family or friends, but I was still well aware of OSX at least a year before its release. I can't imagine how I could have not known...the articles and screenshots were everywhere. You would think "self proclaimed geeks" would keep up on the news a little better.