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Apple Are you a long time Windows user curious about the Apple Switch campaign? Are you wondering if you should try it? Read below for my experience with the whole thing... twice. Just over a week ago I purchased a new 12" Apple PowerBook G4...
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re: Hmmmm
by J on Thu 3rd Jul 2003 02:54 UTC

You're wrong. Perhaps he had the initial version of osx which was essentially a beta. But I have yet to EVER have the pc just reboot on me without warning. I've had a few apps crash, a few freezes and a few resets in a few years. But it is extremely stable. I suggest you check out the mac again, especially once the G5 and Panther are out. I guarantee you will be impressed.
As a counterpoint I work with windows 2000 at my job (in a help desk). Now there's a buggy os, (though better than 98). I don't think 2000 has done that to me either (rebooted out of the blue). However, we have had horrendous problems addng hardware, removing software (dipping into the registry to undo changes) and pc's that have to be reimaged because they get "slow" and we run out of troubleshooting ideas.
This is not to mention the 3 times in the last year we were overrun with viruses, constant server crashing and unbelievable problems with windows and word. Not to mention countless calls from secretaries who cannot figure out how to do basic things in windows (like change printers or desktop pictures), because unlike the mac windows is very counterintuitive. Use a mac for a week or two and you will see a huge difference. If you're an expert at windows you might feel that mac is counterintuitive as you're not used to it, but I would bet a dollar that a brand new user would figure out a mac much quicker than a pc)
You also say name one piece of hardware that is easier to install and i would say "all of them". seriously. Half the time you don't even need to install a driver from a cd and when you do it is effortless. That commercial with the cute switcher (Janine porch?) who saved christmas is totally accurate. Plug in 90% of digital cameras and....that's it. Plug and play. (scanner support is perhaps more iffy I will admit....)
How about uninstalling apps. How easy is this? Take the app and throw it in the trash. Uninstalled. Literally. (ok you can also uninstall the pref file).
If you install an app it cannot f*#$ with your registry because each app is contained in its own package and the system folder cannot be touched or overwritten by any apps files. So when something goes wrong you dont have to spend 3 hours digging into the registry which was rewritten.
I have to use windows at work and spend the entire time troubleshooting either system issues or app issues and I dont have those problems on my mac at home. not to say that it never crashes, but its very seldom. Also zero viruses. Never. And with each os it gets better. Don't rely on your looking over your freinds shoulder to judge the mac. It is FAR from os 9 days. Though I loved 9 at the time with X you can plainly see how antiquated 9 is. I really think the majority of users who put down a mac haven't seen one since before os x and are basing their opinion on the older os.