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Apple Are you a long time Windows user curious about the Apple Switch campaign? Are you wondering if you should try it? Read below for my experience with the whole thing... twice. Just over a week ago I purchased a new 12" Apple PowerBook G4...
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Re: OSX is a real operating system with real problems
by Anonymous on Thu 3rd Jul 2003 06:05 UTC

"mac just works? What u have to SET IT UP TO USE keyboard.."

It's not dificult at all .

"Mac osx crashes oftern.."

No, it doesn't.

"every mac osx user i know has hard locked his more than once."

I know many OS X users and each person I've talked to has said what few crashes they've experienced were only with the first release of OS X.

"Mac osx has aweful support for hardware devices.."

Could have fooled me. Every single hardware device that me co workers and I have attached to our Macs have worked flawlessly, this without checking to see if these devices were supported beforehand. These devices include everything from digital cameras (many models) to video cameras (many models). Support for external hardware devices is one of OS X's gretest strengths. Frankly, I'm surprised you brought it up.

"even the Apple inbuilt audio device has problems."

Something tells me you're making this crap up because, not only have any of us never had any problems with Apple's built in audio device (assuming you're talking about the microphone) I've never heard about anyone having such a problem.

"If your buying a mac cause u think its easier to install and configure.. your very very wrong."

No, they are very right. We have had more problems with our XP machines than I care to count, all of them resulting in dificulty in configuring the OS correctly. Meanwhile OS X has been a sinch for any task we throw at it.

"I mean make up your mind are u a unix power user, or an apple lamer."

I am a Unix power user AND an Apple lamer thank you very much.

"Either u want power and useability like windows.."

Now why would anyone want the limited power and useability that Windows provides?

"or u want lame apple useability"

I don't want lame Apple useability, I want the powerful Apple useability that Apple provides.

"or lame linux power. (I used unix for over 10 years and the command line just blows)."

Or have Power AND usability in one package... hence the reason to go OS X.

"IF u buy a device that wont install in a snap for windows ya take it back"

Same for An Apple machine. Tell me, why would it be any different?

"if its for apple.. do u call apple or the proprietor"

Take it back, call apple or the proprietor. All three are likely to work... the same way it would on a PC for that matter.

"everyone keeps telling u they know nothing of this bug"

Or they do happen to know about a particular bug... the same as it might be for any computing platform.

"or dont support osx yet.. etc etc"

or do support the platform... the same as is the case for any platform.

Why are you working so hard to find fault with Apple and the Mac?