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Apple Are you a long time Windows user curious about the Apple Switch campaign? Are you wondering if you should try it? Read below for my experience with the whole thing... twice. Just over a week ago I purchased a new 12" Apple PowerBook G4...
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Re: marcm
by Anonymous on Thu 3rd Jul 2003 08:18 UTC

"Apple has become a religion amongst many."

No, we're just passionate about our computers... that's all.

"Some dude here posts constantly pro-apple comments"

I'm assuming you're talking about me because I;ve been posting so activly lately.

I'm not posting pro-apple comments, I'm correcting the incorrect anti-Apple comments.

"I really don't know why he bothers."

The opposite reason why there is a handful of individuals here that insist on posting noting but anti Apple comments.

"And I don't get the PC vs. MAC stuff."

Certain platforms are significantly better than others.. in price performance and usability yet dont have the recognotion they deserve. We're just trying to help the recognition engine.

"PC stands for Personal Computer, and a Mac is also a Personal Computer."

Noboday is disputing that.

"On the other hand the x86 platform doesn't belong exclusivelly to Microsoft."

And yet the unwashed masses don't know any better.

"The MAC is only a Computer!"

MAC is an acronym for Media Access Control. "Mac" on the other hand is the abbreviation for Macintosh.

"It is a tool to do day to day work!"

Nobody has said otherwise.

"It has a tight integration comming from one vendor"

Whgich uses many of the same comoddity parts that every other PC manufacturer uses.

"and it is high-qualitty."

yes it is.

"Lots of people know that."

Unfortunately, most don't.

"And yes, it is somehow expensive."

No more expensive than a comperably equipped PC.

"I don't say I can't afford one, because anyone who works can afford an under $2k Computer."

Be it a Mac or a PC. They run at the same prices when the same features are used when compared.

"But why would I trow my money at it?"

The same reason why you might trow money at a PC.

"I am not a Windows user, and I'm not so crazy about OS X eather."

You deserve a cookie.

"But then again, how could I, and many others laugh to death over the comments here?"

I don;t know, how could you laugh to death over the comments here?

"How could we have some fun in the late evening?"

Personally, I like to puncture my body wit bobby pinw then crumble up saltines and roll in them till I can't stand it any more... but to each his own.

"So keep on the trolls, bashes, PC vs. MAC arguments, stupid PRO PC or PRO MAC arguments, stupid lies like :" OS X crashes all the time", or "Apple will die anythime soon", or "I can't get anything to work with my MAC", or on the other hand the general "The PC is crap" comments. Without all these comments many people wouldn't have fun and this site would run out of busines."

Personally, I would prefer inteligent conversation without all that garbage. The signal to noise ratio has been low here as of late... so many of us are simply trying to fix that.

"On the other hand I'd love to see articles like: "A quick&dirty PHP tutorial", or "How to set up Linux on a laptop corectly", or "How to code in OS X", or "How to use the Windows GUI API..." and the list can go on."

Me too.

"Maybe I should submit a couple of these in the future....but people don't have interest in this kind of stuff, I forgot..."

I disagree. Most of us do. Unfortunately, you'd never know it by reading many of the comments on these boards.

"Instead we have to read how a MAC integrates into the life of a grown up with the brains of a 12 year old (no offence meant by this)."

This comment is an example of the signal to noise ratio being lost.

,i>"But really, if I'd had 2 kids, the last thing I'd would be obsessed about would be the question:" To buy or not to buy..."."[/i]

Funny thing about computer geeks. We're funny like that. Perhps you visited the wrong site. The home and garden web page can be found next door.

"I don't think this is a soap-opera web site, its a computer-tech orriented site. Then again, I may be wrong, cause I just finished work and I'm tired...."

We'll go to bed. it sounds like you need some sleep.