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Apple Are you a long time Windows user curious about the Apple Switch campaign? Are you wondering if you should try it? Read below for my experience with the whole thing... twice. Just over a week ago I purchased a new 12" Apple PowerBook G4...
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Re: marcm
by Anonymous on Thu 3rd Jul 2003 19:17 UTC

"- You must be working for Apple since you are so convinced that they are fair and square."

Nope. I don't work for Apple. I'm simply a rational human being who sees every test pointing in Apple's favor and am adopting the obvious outcome from that rational.

"Everyone cheats on marketting"

No, I don't believe that. However, I would say that every company does use marketing to make their product look as best as it can even if that marketing is deceptive. Thankfully, Apple's information is both science and marketing.

"Everyone cheats on benchmarks"

The very notion that SPEC benchmarks have been held as the ultimate authority to determine speed when Intel used a compiler that was made to do nothing more than pump out the highest SPEC benchmark may not have been "cheating" but it did weigh heavily on the minds of the ignorant computer-using public. It finally took a HUGE increase in speed (delievered by the G5) to outpace even Intel's pumped up numbers.

On that token, Apple has done similar things regarding benchmarks which weren't "cheating" but did weigh heavily on the ignorance of the computing public.

However, the G5 is not cheating or over-inflating its numbers. It is genuinly THAT fast.

"- If you don't work for Apple, than your passion goes beyond passion."

You are right. I have both a passion for my preferred computing environment, AND an extreme hatred for anyone that tries to muddy the waters for my preferred platform's strengths. This is because I've seen my preferred platform experience uncomfortable lows in its earlier history for reasons which trace back specifically to individuals that muddied the waters with regard to Apple's strengths.

"I understand the passion for a science, codind, a computer, an OS, a machine, but yours goes beyond wat's called normal, it is there on a par with fanatism."

If it were only my passion for my computer that was compelling me to write so many comments then you might have a point. But as mentioned 9above) there are two factors at work here. The great of the two is the hatred for anyone that tries to muddy the waters.

"Trying to convince others how good an apple machine is, and with semi-agressive tactics is sick."

Make no mistake, I'm not trying to evangelize my preferred platform. I simply am working towards reversing the FUD engine that is occurring on this site for my preferred platform.

"- I like their product, its nice, elegant, good, but I don't buy it because I don't need it."

No problem with that at all.

"There is nothing I can't do at this time with my Toshiba Slacktop or my Athlon desktop, both running Slackware Linux 9.0. Digital camera works, coding works, my 2 HP printers work (both OfficeJet models, so big ones), so I don't need an apple."

Sounds like you have a nice configurations there. however, Apple's software does provide some unique advantages that you cant get on those systems. Is that reason enough to change platforms? Maybe not by itself, but Apple also offers other key advantages. Without knowing everything you do I can't communicate those to you. No, I'm not asking you to, I'm simply suggesting that to say that Apple doesn't offer you anything that you can't already get from your current systems is a pretty broad statement.

"- You try to convince people about prices"

Im simply correcting false statements. I'm not trying to convince anybody of anything.

"Apple is more expensive when it comes to buy the whole system, including an Apple Display, wich are as expensive as Sony Displays, wich are tooo expensive, and I mean the TFT's"

You don't have to buy an Apple display for a Mac you know, just like you don;t have to buy an Apple display for a PC. if you were to do so however, and also spec'd out both systems with the exact same (or as close as possible) hardware and software configurations, the mac will either be slightly more, the same price, slightly less, or significantly less.

"- Either you like to get attention for yourself (no, I gues not since you use a very common nick: Anonymous), or you like to convince others to buy more apples."

No and no. I'm simply trying to correct the misinformation being spread by a small number of individuals on this site.

- Apples distorsion field is pretty obvious

If by distortion field you mean that they are good marketers... then yes, they are. If by saying distortion field you're trying to imply that Apple is somehow distorting something, I think you're wrong.

"the whole web-site screams: AMAZING!!!!"

That's simply overindulgent marketing... not a distortion. The products are indeed amazing. Are they "AMAZING!!!!" probably not, but thats not a distortion.

"when you look closer, there is nothing amazing"

Many would disagree. The software that Apple sells is pretty amazing. Much of it is best of breed quality for both consumers and professionals. Software that couldn;t be had anywhere else until more companies copied Apple. Similarly, their hardware designs are amazing. Apple has received more industrial design awards than i care to count. i would say that is amazing. Another example can be found with the G5. I would say that the technology that was incorporated into it is amazing indeed .

"Conclusion: Apple is a good (healty also), I mean a great company, but because of people like you who react to every comment about apple others bash apple, and maybe these people do it having no clue about MACs."

If I'm causing some sort of disservice to Apple or the Mac by correcting all the misstatements about my platform, its unfortunate. I certainly don't believe I am, But if I am thats unfortunate. However, considering that the alternative would be that these incorrect statements would go left uncorrected thus potentially leaving many readers with an ill-conceived notion about a computer that they are already both unfamiliar if not already skeptical about, i think I'll take the lesser of the two evils and continue doing what I'm doing.