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Apple Are you a long time Windows user curious about the Apple Switch campaign? Are you wondering if you should try it? Read below for my experience with the whole thing... twice. Just over a week ago I purchased a new 12" Apple PowerBook G4...
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different strokes for different folks
by Or Villewright on Fri 4th Jul 2003 02:18 UTC

Here's a painfully obvious truth: some percentage of the population can find happiness with Macs, just as others do with Windows or Linux or FreeBSD or even BeOS.

This is hardly a difficult concept to understand. Different strokes for different folks, as the old saying goes. So why do some of us have to bitch, moan, argue, and fight over this constantly? Just because someone else doesn't share your tastes does not mean they are stupid, evil, or misguided. Just because you don't share their tastes, that doesn't make you stupid, evil, or misguided either.

Macolytes, calm down. PC fanboys, take a couple of calming breaths. OS zealots, close your eyes and chant "Ommmm" for a few minutes. All better? Okay, come back and join the rest of us folks on this site, and let's discuss something with a little more substance than Mac vs PC preferences!

-Or Villewright