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Apple Are you a long time Windows user curious about the Apple Switch campaign? Are you wondering if you should try it? Read below for my experience with the whole thing... twice. Just over a week ago I purchased a new 12" Apple PowerBook G4...
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by craig on Fri 4th Jul 2003 09:18 UTC

I will be the first to admit us Mac owners can be a bit fanatical, but we really get tired of having our Windows owning friends coming to us with problems that either don't exist on a Mac or would be so easily fixable. Like today I was showing someone on a PC a website and like so many times before I see their nice big 19 inch monitor set to 800X600 resolution. When I explain that maybe they would like to set it at something higher that would allow them see more on their screen, especially since they are using that stupid MSN explorer that takes up half the space all I get is a blank stare like I was suggesting the impossible. They not only don't know what screen resolution is they have no idea how to change it. Not surprising since it involves so many steps in Windows. Almost as bad as when I come across a PC user who still has their monitor set to 256 colors and can't understand why photos look like crap. And how many times have I heard how they are afraid to add more software because the last time they tried it screwed up their computer and they couldn't figure out how to get rid of it. Now of course by default any PC user reading OSnews knows the ins and outs of Windows and doesn't have these problems, but unfortunately none of my friends fall into this class of people so it is up to me to deal with this kind of petty issues. The few I have been able to switch to Macs can't believe how much easier they are to use. I would say that the real difference is that Windows makes them feel like an idiot and the Mac makes them feel like a genius because they can just do things. Those things were doable on their old PCs, just in more complicated and confusing ways that they never could master. They originally bought a PC because they used one at work, not appreciating the fact that they had an IT guy there who kept things running smoothly who wouldn't be around at home. These things are just frustrating to us Mac dudes and make us a bit defensive at times when we hear people spout the same old, outdated arguments against Macs.

As for the Spec thing I don't give a hoot about obscure numbers, it is the real world tests that count and those looked pretty impressive...and it wasn't Steve Jobs doing these demos, it was the companies who write the software. I can't believe how easily people take that haxial guy as knowing what he is talking about...take a look here for a more reasonable article: