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FreeBSD Most tech savvy geeks can work their way through a FreeBSD install, even if they have no prior UNIX experience. However installing an OS and configuring an OS are two totally different things. This article is targeted towards anyone who might be wondering about FreeBSD, but doesn't know what to do with it after they install it. This isn't then end-all be-all of FreeBSD howto's. Just some of the simple stuff. Update: Some of the readers of OSNews have emailed me concerning corrections that need to be made in this article. Dig in (third page) for more.
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This is where FreeBSD needs more work
by mra on Tue 19th Mar 2002 19:37 UTC

I was just configuring a new FreeBSD 4.5 system last night along with an OpenBSD 3.0 system and was running into this issue.

FreeBSD 4.5 and OpenBSD 3.0 were released before the OpenSSH / zlib bugs were found so those two things need to be patched before the systems could be considered safe to connect to the Internet. In OpenBSD this involved cvsing the latest patch cluster for the system and rebuilding the affected binaries. It wasn't this easy on FreeBSD. I had to look up the individual advisories and download each patch from different paths on the server because I couldn't find anything on their site as to how to do it any other way.

This is one of the places where OpenBSD's strict adherance to procedure and documentation made updating the OS much easier then it was under FreeBSD.