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FreeBSD Most tech savvy geeks can work their way through a FreeBSD install, even if they have no prior UNIX experience. However installing an OS and configuring an OS are two totally different things. This article is targeted towards anyone who might be wondering about FreeBSD, but doesn't know what to do with it after they install it. This isn't then end-all be-all of FreeBSD howto's. Just some of the simple stuff. Update: Some of the readers of OSNews have emailed me concerning corrections that need to be made in this article. Dig in (third page) for more.
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Is it just me?
by Anthony on Tue 19th Mar 2002 20:41 UTC

Is it just me or dosn't this seem like a hell of a lot of work just to keep your system up to date? Don't get me wrong, their are certain things I absolutely love about FreeBSD, but I think that overall this is its biggest downfall. I've used FreeBSD in the past and this was the part that made me change to Linux. Keeping FreeBSD updated is a lot of work. Most Linux/Binary distributions make this easier with a simple package updater. If FreeBSD came up with an easier way to keep it updated I would definetly switch full time. I heard they're going to update sysinstall for this very reason but I'm not 100% sure about that.